AUDI A3- 10 Years of Audi India

On the occasion of completing 10 years in India, Audi celebrated by launching the A3 Saloon and A3 Cabriolet. A3 is the entry level car by the manufacturer. Audi introduced this breed first in 2014 and has launched the facelift on 6th April,17.

The event was hosted in the new property by Hyatt, ANdAZ., located in the hub of hotels-Aerocity, New Delhi. The hotel was nice and looked like a budget 5 star ones.

AUDIE3.jpgAs soon as we entered the venue premise, we saw the legendary MFA 1, the same one that was presented to the former Indian Cricketer in 1985. Also, the whole fleet of cars sold by Audi in India were standing bold there in the hall, including the performance once. Numerous drinks, alcoholic as well as non-alchoholic, were being served throughout the event. A talented magician was also there to entertain the guests. I have to say his tricks were really impressive.AUDIE4.jpg

The beautiful Nimrat Kaur and  Ravi Shastri were the guest for the evening to launch the astonishing cars. Ravi Shastri walked onto the stage and shared his experience with Audi. Nimrat Kaur drove on to the stage in the new white A3 Cabriolet and converted it on the stage itself. After that the car was open to be experience by the other customers.

The new boy had a beautiful, lively and a sophisticated interior. It’s a compact sedan and best for youth and city congestion. The car is packed with new LEDs. A3 cabriolet is the most affordable 4-seater cabriolet available in India and is a great head turner.

Audi India arranged for a delicious multi cuisine dinner having starters, main course and deserts too. Audi India had hosted to great event that made our evening lively.


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