Soon after the Audi launched the A3 and A3 Cabriolet, Audi India invited us for the Audi Track Day, on 9th April’17. It was an exclusive event with very limited slots. No rooms for doubt, the venue was the Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida, the only racing track in India.

Going to the circuit itself is a fun experience, all thanks to Yamuna Express Way. We also tested our car capabilities, dodging the speed detecting cameras, otherwise we would have got a nice speeding ticket at our homes.

auditd3.jpgGrand Posters could be seen all over the venue. The whole fleet of performance cars was there including R8 and RS7 (performance Edition). The convey was lined up on the pit and a gorgeous yellow R8 was parked in the centre of the track in the front of the Paddock Zone.

Around 2, the briefing began. The instructors told us what to do and what not on the track. Concepts of understeering and oversteering were a great learning. They also gave us an idea how not to get into a dangerous situation on the track and what to do when anybody got into one.

After that time. was for some real fun. We grabbed the helmets and buckled the seat belts in the Audi S5 and hit the track. After that Audi R8. We drove the LMX- limited to only 99 pieces globally. 270 km/hr was the maximum that we touched in that beast.Slaloms were done in A Series models and RS models.

By then we were dying of hunger, fortunately has arranged a delicious lunch in the lounge area.

Audi bid us farewell with a gift hamper. It had individual Polaroid snaps in a Audi leather photo frame, Audi magazine and a high quality porcelain Coffee Mug, Poland made.

The event was full of thrill and excitement.


Courtesy : AUDI INDIA

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