For all the make up junkies who want to look super chic as the French girls, a perfect red lip colour is an essential.

In all these years, I was convinced that I was a MAC Ruby woo girl but things changed when I came across this iconoic ‘Rouge 999 Matte’ by Dior.dior 2

The packaging is super chic and minimalist.

It has a very subtle yet luxurious fragrance which you can instantly relate to the high end make up brands.

The formula is extremely smooth and rich. A highly pigmented red which doesn’t dry off your lips. I usually have dry lips so it didn’t make the situation any worse, which usually happens with most of the other reds out there. It glides on your lips like soft butter.

The coverage is from medium to high, pretty much buildable and hence works for every occasion. 

The colour has a little warm tone to it and works great even during the day time if worn alone. It brings out a pop and brightens up your face instantly. It stays for quite a long time, doesnt spill or anything and hence doesn’t need much touch ups here and there! A relief for a lazy person like me.

It definitely is one of my favorites now and a very good investment I made in a long time! It didn’t disappoint me and all the wait was completely worth it.

Would I suggest it to you guys?

Yes. Of course go ahead and get yourself this iconic red and trust me you won’t regret it.

dior 4dior 3


Confused??? From where to buy?

dior 5dior 6

Christian Dior Boutique: Select City Walk Mall, Saket, Delhi-110017




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